CellLabs Placenta Forte PLUS 30,000mg 30s X 2

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CellLabs Placenta Forte Plus is for anyone who wants a refined and distilled placenta extract that boasts higher levels of purity and strength than is usually found in sheep placenta extracts, as much as 600mg of concentrated active material from 30,000mg of fresh sheep placenta

Active Ingredients

IngredientsWeight Per. Cap
Ovine Placenta Extract
(Equivalent Frehs Placenta 30,000mg)
Grape Seed Oil250mg

Features and Benefits

» Improves physical vitality, energy and stamina
» Fine texture of skin and improves complexion
» Smoother, softer and velvety skin
» Hydrates skin and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
» Increases skin elasticity and reduces sagging
» Lightens pigmentation & freckles
» Enhances skin renewal process
» Reduces scarring
» Helps reduce sebum production and open pores
» Improves blood circulation
» Assists in burning excess body fats
» Antioxidant properties
» Regulates menstrual cycle, eases menstrual pain,
» Alleviates menopausal symptoms
» Boosts immune system
» Removes impurities and naturally detoxifies the body
» Increases libido

What is the product for?

  • Health and beauty supplement that helps in slowing down the aging processes.
  • It promotes translucent skin complexion (externally).
  • It does boost up the energy level (internally)
  • This supplement works externally (skin) and internally (healthy cells and body)

How to take / use it?
Take 1 capsule daily before breakfast.

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks in between two hours after consuming placenta (Coffee/Tea acts as diuretics
    that will flush out the nutrients before absorption).
  • Do not mix with detox supplement as it will reduce the nutrient absorption in small intestine.

*If you are pregnant or under cancer treatment/history,  please consult your doctor before use.

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